Halal Products and Grocery Information


The List of multiple Halal products that are easily available in Australian super markets near you is given below.

You can install Mobile Applications regarding Halal stuff into your mobile for example Halal E-Codes or iEat Halal for checking emulsifiers numbers and their descriptions.

Nestle’s – Halal Certified Products ::
Nestle – Halal Products List – April 2014
Accreditation Organisation: Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Inc.

Nestle- Vegetarian List – February 2013

Noodles ::

Indomie Instant Noodles (All flavours)
Accreditation Organisation: Majelis Ulama Indonesia
Halal Label Visible: Yes

Muesli Bars ::

Uncle Tobys Muesli Bars – Nestle Product

Snacks ::

Smith’s Vegetarian List
Surprisingly the BBQ Chips mentioned in the list are also suitable for vegetarians as they did not contain any meat items in their manufacturing. (Source: Consumer Information Center Pepsico)

Trusted Websites for Halal Product Reference:




If you have any emails, websites or any proof either in favour or against of Halal/ Vegetarian products listed on this page,
please share with us and send us on australianmuslims.wp@gmail.com.



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