Young Daughter Buried Alive – True Story

daughter blessing -

Before the time when the Prophet Muhammad (SalAllahu alayhi wasalam) began to disseminate Allah’s Word, there were many Arabs who preferred their sons to their daughters.

Sons were strong they could work hard they could bring great benefits to their parents and their family. But daughters being girls were weak or so the Arabs thought. Not only that, girls were a nuisance and were a burden and an expense on a family. Continue reading


Buhul and the Greedy Theif

theft -

Whenever Buhul happened to have money in excess of his expenses, he used to save it by concealing it in one corner of a ruined and broken down house; this continued till the amount eventually reached a figure of three hundred dirhams.

The next occasion when he had saved another ten dirhams and had gone to the place to add it to his concealed savings, a trader who lived in the neighbourhood, found out about the hideout. As soon as Buhul had left the hiding place, the neighbour dug up the money that was concealed beneath the ground. Continue reading

Short and Ugly Son

Sa’di narrates: “A king had several sons, one of them being short, thin and ugly, while the others were tall and good-looking.
The king would look at the short son with scorn and contempt, thereby causing him humiliation. The son, being intelligent, realized why his father looked down upon him and so said to him: “O’ Father! A short but wise person is better than a tall but ignorant one. He who is taller is not necessarily better and superior; a sheep is clean but an elephant, like a carcass, always possess a foul smell.”

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